4 Expats

Personal advice

Also for expats or cross border workers: Tax4expats is the place to go for personal advice on your cross-border employment. You might be looking for more information on for instance the 30% ruling or you are in need of help with drafting your income tax return.

Are you exploring an international employment? Tax4expats would gladly be your personal go-to point. For example, different rules apply for sportsmen and pilots different than for regular employees. What rules are specifically applied for your income tax returns? Tax4expats gladly helps you find the right way.


Providing advise on: 30% ruling | fiscal aspects of your residence during assignment | social security position | taxability of your labor income, etc


The drafting of: Dutch and foreign income tax return | appeal against income tax assessment | request for provisional income tax assessment | application 30% ruling, etc.

Are you curious which rules apply for your personal situation? Or can you simply not find your way yourself? Feel free to contact us to see how we can help you out.