How we work

A practical approach, personal care, concrete advice and clear and fast communication are characteristic for how Tax4expats works. With our flexible organization structure, we can offer services at a competitive rate!

Global network

Tax4expats can help employers and her employees with Global Mobility cases on a global base, thanks to her independent, international network of advisors. This also makes it possible to work with one of your own advisors.

Your global mobility expert

Danielle Peeters

The face behind Tax4expats is Daniëlle Peeters. Daniëlle graduated in fiscal economics and fiscal law at the University of Tilburg, after which she started as a tax advisor within the general tax advisory practice of among others a big four office. Since then, Daniëlle has grown into an experienced Global Mobility advisor in the area of international wage- and income tax and social security.


Her broad background allows Danielle to also notice the influence of Global Mobility in other areas such as how it effects corporation tax, retirement, transfer pricing and immigration obligations.

What can Daniëlle mean for you?


Advice on international employment (assignments and cross-border employment).


Writing, structuring and implementing assignment policies and assignment contracts


The framing of immigration obligations and pay roll obligations abroad


Drafting strategic opinion documents and functioning as sparring partner

For whom?

Through the years we have built up a stable and diverse clientele, existing of: SME businesses | Multinationals | NGO’s | Non-profit organizations | Law, – tax, – salary administration, – relocation and accounting offices. And also several individuals like expats, sportsmen, frontier workers and pilots.